Replenish Jumpstart

A Well-Being And Personal Growth Program

For women and moms who are feeling stuck and stagnant in life, who want to feel momentum and vitality again, recover from overwhelm, replenish their needs and reconnect to themselves.

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You Want To Feel Good.

  • You want to feel nourished.
  • You want to feel full of peace
  • You want to feel at home in your own body, mind and heart again.

When you’re feeling connected and cared for, everything changes.

From the way you wake up in the morning, to the way you talk to your kids, to the depth of connection you feel with your spouse, to the creativity and gifts you bring into the world.

When you are doing well, everyone you care for does better - but the world is not designed to keep you feeling good. 

Making well-being a priority in your life is a decision only you can make for yourself - and you can only find that path by deeply knowing yourself.  Just going through the motions will never lead you to a life of vitality. The outer culture won’t keep you feeling happy, healthy, whole and connected - only you can direct your ship into those waters. 

Well-being, personal growth, vitality and purpose - that’s an inside job. 

But, the truth is, we were never taught these “inside job” skills. We were never guided in deeply knowing ourselves, understanding the messages of our lives, finding our way home to ourselves when we feel lost. 

And we weren’t taught how to use that inner connection to generate exceptional well-being in our lives. But - that doesn’t mean we can’t learn them now. And when we do learn it and start applying it- everything changes.

I’m Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH.

I’m a wife and mom to three kiddos (plus a black lab.) I’m a women’s wellness educator and author- with a background in biochemistry (B.S. from Cal Poly, SLO), trained in trauma-response, qualitative research and public health (MPH from Boston University) and teacher (High School Chemistry). 

I’ve been on the journey toward replenishing my inner well for many years - and I draw just as much from my background in science as I do from my own work in personal growth.

I can say with absolute confidence– everything is better when you give from a full and overflowing place.

13 years ago I founded WellGrounded Life, an exceptional online community of women all over the world. It's been a joy supporting them to live vibrant, fulfilling and prosperous lives. And I'd love to get to know (and grow) with you, too.

Join Me On This Journey

I had my own near-complete shut down early in motherhood.

Stuck in overwhelm and numbness, I began working my way out with self-care. And much of it helped, a lot.

But over the years I began to notice a distinct pattern.

A see-sawing between the “really good” times and the stretches where I was back to treading water and barely keeping my head above the waves. 

The problem was...

These stretches of spinning my wheels would too often collapse me into seasons of overwhelm.

My to-do lists ruled my days.

And weeks would fly by without much thought to what actually made me happy or feel connected to myself. 

I wasn’t bouncing back from challenging days, either.

I was finding myself far too often stuck in negative spirals.

But there’s diamonds when you dig deep enough - and in some of the harder times, I began to do a different kind of “self care” work.

I began doing the work to get reacquainted with myself and discover who I was at this point of my life.

Self reflection, heart work, personal growth. 

I’d always thought of myself as a self-aware person.

But after marriage and motherhood - the years began to fly by and I wasn’t staying connected to myself.

Not in truly meaningful ways.

I began to take on the grail of productivity as the ultimate finish line to my days.

'How much I could get done?' was what I measured my days by.

And the chasm kept growing.

Things were good, but not great.


I could get by and enjoy life - but I wasn’t leading from an inner compass.

And when I needed to find true north because I was feeling lost, or lonely, or overwhelmed or stuck… I didn’t have the navigation tools to guide me through rough stretches.

So I began, slowly, over time to recognize there’s a deeper pattern to well-being.

There’s a rhythm and an order to vitality and ease.

When you work against it you feel like you’re swimming upstream, but when you work with it life feels full of peace and full of meaning.  

That’s the work we’ll be doing in Replenish Jumpstart.


As you go through the process, you’ll gain momentum and traction and tools of resiliency not only to recover from difficult stretches but to maintain flow and vitality into the future.

It’s sustainable well-being and it’s rooted in who you are first, so you begin to care for yourself from the inside out.

Wake Up Excited For The Day

New found energy

Clearer thinking

Calm mind

Peace within

Feeling connected to yourself

Feeling well-nourished

Feeling in balance

A deeper capacity to manage your day 

Feeling "on top of the water" instead of drowning in it

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Well-Being And Personal Growth Program

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9 Week Program Starting Sept 19


Live Modules

Live, interactive modules led by me on Saturday mornings each week. Engagement, energy, opportunity for real-time coaching and questions answered 

Recorded Replays

Ability to re-watch at any time in the future or attend according to your schedule if you can’t make it live.

Mid-Week Tools

Inspiration and mindset work via audio messages offered mid-week to deepen learning and keep momentum going

Private Member Site

Organized, streamlined, simplified - you will not get overwhelmed with reams of information or hard to sort through lessons.

Printable Workbooks

We keep things uber simple and create resources to take the overwhelm off your plate - you get to show up and dive right into the meat of the modules

Private FB Group

Private facebook group is a place to process in community, connect and be inspired and get ongoing connection and support from the WGL team

The Vitality Framework

Over the course of the program we will be working through the exact steps of my "self aware - self-care" Vitality Framework which allow you to reconnect, replenish and radiate from within. 


This program is for:

  • Women who want to feel better in their own skin
  • Women who are ready to do the personal work it will take to reconnect to themselves.
  • Women who are committed to gaining traction in their well-being.  
  • Women who are ready for positive change and want to experience more calm, connection and clarity in their lives. 
  • Women who want to stop making burnout-generating decisions and are ready to make vitality-generating decisions.

This program isn't for:

  • Women who are not ready to look honestly within themselves.

  • Women who are hyper-focused on how others need to change before they will change.

  • Women who don’t feel committed and responsible for their own well-being.

We can always find a reason to keep us from investing in ourselves.

It’s ironic because what we use as excuses are often the very reasons why we need to more intentionally care for ourselves.

It’s a radical thing for a woman to claim her own well-being is worth investing in.

But the incredible thing is that once she’s invested in herself, the payoff benefits all those around her as well. 

Throughout these nine weeks you’ll feel comfortable in your own skin again, reconnected to your inner self, establish lasting calm and gain the ability to approach challenges with perspective and patience.

These are bedrocks for vitality and well-being to become mainstays in your life. 


What Women Say About Working With Lisa

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed dialoguing with other women including hearing their reflections and experiences. It is not an exaggeration to say this work enabled me to break free from the chains of years of self-neglect. At home for 10 years raising four kids, I did not prioritize care for myself. I think this was for two reasons: I didn’t know HOW to do this. Also, I truly did not realize the positive impact caring for myself would have on every other endeavor in my life. Today I have more to offer as a woman, mother, partner, friend because of this course. Be prepared to be transformed!

- Kristin

I have suffered from chronic stress my entire life. I’ve never been able to experience lasting victory, because I’ve never actually learned how to get rid of the stress response, but instead, I was just stuffing it so that it didn’t spill out… of course that doesn’t last very long! This course has literally been life changing for me. The holistic approach has really blown my mind! I never realized how many contributing factors there were. I also totally underestimated the “physiology” of it. I just thought I was kind of a weak person emotionally. I didn’t understand that I was dealing with basic physiology that was stacking the deck against me. Wow!!! I would HIGHLY recommend learning from you. Seriously life-changing!

- Molly

I love the freedom and flexibility of an online format. I think it works especially well for the audience of this course which are busy, stressed out mamas. The fact that so many others shared their stories made me feel much more normal and not so alone. My husband is very supportive but he just has no idea what I feel like. I know the other moms do! Lisa is so clear and gentle and human. You can’t help but listen to her. Her wisdom and interest in what she teaches is infectious.

- Kasie

There are people in this world who make a difference just by being present. Lisa is a wonderfully gracious and present woman. It gives you a place to discover how to be more yourself and truly hear your voice speak.

- Jesse

Reconnect To Yourself, Jumpstart Momentum & Return to Vitality Again.



We being September 19, 2020 ~ and we have a seat at the table for you!