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Welcome to WellGrounded Institute

Our graduates help women reconnect to themselves, replenish their core needs and live fulfilling lives on their own terms. 

We Believe...

  • WGI believes in the power of women supporting women. 
  • We believe that connection is critical to our well-being and that the loneliness and isolation so many modern women feel in their everyday life is a huge part of the stress and overwhelm they feel. 

  • We believe that wellness educators create the structure and support women need to regain their well-being and take back control of their health and vitality. 

  • And we believe the ripple effect of this work impact flows far and wide throughout families and communities. 

For women who've have a love of learning and an interest in wellness - stepping into the role of wellness educator is not only personally life-giving but professionally life-transforming.  

As our students work through the training year - they not only to experience greater well-being in their own lives... but are also trained to impact the lives of others as well.

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Here's the truth.

It’s not normal to live with a tired body, racing thoughts, anxious feelings, and numbed out emotions. 

Well-being is part of our innate design, but many of us don’t feel a natural flow of vitality.

And most of us weren’t taught how to stay connected to our well-being... or how to reconnect to it after challenging times. 

  • We weren’t taught about our brains.
  • We weren’t taught about our bodies.
  • We weren’t taught about our biochemistry.

We certainly weren’t taught how to claim our well-being back from a culture that fundamentally undermines inner peace at every turn.

...And it’s not just personal.

It’s global. 



We live in a stress-inducing culture.

  • 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress (Everest College) and Americans are among the most stressed-out populations in the world. (Gallup)
  • In 2018, one-third of US-based respondents visited a doctor for something stress-related. (Everyday Health)

Women carry the lion share of the stress (and invisible workload) in our modern culture.

  • Women are more stressed-out than men. Women are twice as likely to suffer from severe stress and anxiety as men. (Journal of Brain & Behavior)
  • Women do nearly three times as much unpaid domestic work as men. (United Nations)
  • 49% of all women say that they’ve stayed awake at night because of stress. (APA)
  • And according to U.K. researchers, among women working full-time, stress increased by 18% with one kid and jumped to 40% with two kids! (Working Mother)

This excessive busyness, overwhelm and stress is running us into the ground. 

These statistics paint a clear picture that women are more than just stressed - we’re exhausted. We’re overwhelmed. And, for most of us, our lives are not supporting our well-being. 

All the while the $10-billion-dollar self-care industry has us chasing the next solution we can buy, the deeper answers lie in how we’re designed. 

There's never been a better time to step up and make a positive difference in the world.

This work is incredibly relevant and needed, now more than ever.

Meet the Director

Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH is the founder and director of WGI.

Lisa is an author, speaker, educator and passionate advocate for women's well-being.

She has a background in biochemistry (B.S. from Cal Poly, SLO), training in trauma response and qualitative research, a public health degree (MPH) from Boston University and is a High School Chemistry teacher.

Wellness and Education are in her blood. 

She began this work in 2007 shortly after the birth of her first son. 

In those early years of motherhood, Lisa began a blog called WellGrounded Life as a passion project to help herself work through feeling disconnected and distressed. 

She began writing about her own experiences, drawing from her past education and sharing what was working in regaining her own well-being. 

Throughout the years, her community quickly grew to (many) tens of thousands of women reading her newsletter, using her resources and joining her classes. 

Her work continued to grow into a world-class women’s wellness institute, where she teaches and trains women from her unique methodology which blends the science of self care with the power of personal growth.

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What Women Say...

"I have suffered from chronic stress my entire life.

I’ve never been able to experience lasting change, because I’ve never actually learned how to get rid of the stress response, but instead, I was just stuffing it so that it didn’t spill out… of course that doesn’t last very long!

Lisa's classes have literally been life-changing for me. The holistic approach has really blown my mind!

I never realized how many contributing factors there were. I also totally underestimated the “physiology” of it. I just thought I was kind of a weak person emotionally.

I didn’t understand that I was dealing with basic physiology that was stacking the deck against me.

I would HIGHLY recommend learning from Lisa. Seriously life-changing!"


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