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Does this sound familiar?

When it comes to women’s wellness, you love the topic.

You love the daily practices, reading about it, watching documentaries, and talking with your friends about it.

It seems wellness is a thread that’s been part of your life for a while.

Dreaming about wellness? You’ve got that covered.

You may have even studied health and fitness in some form or another at school. Maybe you once had or currently have your own bodywork or health-related professional practice.


You have people in your life who depend on you – kids who need help with homework, a partner you support, and a home to keep up with. From caregiver to homemaker to mother to wife, you wear a lot of hats and play many roles.

And you aren’t willing to sacrifice those things in order to pursue a new career path.

What if you could find a way to pursue something you are passionate about while still honoring your family's priorities?

  • You would love to share your passion for wellness with women who need to hear the message and learn the tools that will help them live calmer, healthier, more energized lives.
  • You want to be the trusted expert. The sharer of resources. The inspirer who catalyzes them to take this knowledge and let it infuse every inch of their lives with connection and meaning.
  • You love being on your own self-care journey, as messy and imperfect as it often (okay, usually) is. But you know there’s a little voice that keeps whispering to you, clueing you in from a deep part of yourself, that there’s still something missing.

You long to serve in a more profound way. You want to work with women and help them discover their vision of a more fulfilling life.
  • And you also want the freedom and flexibility in your time and schedule to prioritize your family in exactly the ways you want to.

Or maybe…

  • You already are working in the wellness field, and you want to open up new ways to serve your community and increase revenues without investing hundreds of hours creating new material and content.

Welcome to WellGrounded Institute!

Our Certification and Training Program prepares women to create a business teaching classes, courses, and workshops on the topics of self-care, well-being, and wellness.


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Message from Lisa, Founder/Director

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Lisa Grace Byrne and I’m the founder and director of WellGrounded Institute.

I created this training program specifically to support women have a clear pathway to doing work they love that taps into their natural gifts and skills, and has the potential for fantastic income with tremendous flexibility.

In short, I created the training that I most needed when I was a new mom, shifting out of my career to prioritize my time at home but still wanted to have a viable avenue to contribute my gifts, impact others and earn income.


The Win-Win Perspective

This was the same Catch-22 I heard from women over and over again.

There seems to be three competing needs vying for our focus all the time-

~the care of our families,

~the care of our own well-being and

~our inner need for personal growth and purpose.

For a while I believed they were all on opposite teams fighting it out on a daily basis.

Until a different truth emerged.

Meaningful work was an essential part of what makes me feel whole.

My work, my self-care, and my capacity to be the mother I wanted to be -- they weren't competing needs.

They were on the same team. 

The real issue, I found, is that outdated ideals around what a career path had to look like kept me feeling hemmed in. 

When I decided I was going to define, for myself, what my work was going to look like - everything changed. 

If the idea of working as a women’s wellness educator lights something up within you, but you fear saying yes to a new career path will require more time or energy than you have, I’m here to show you how you can make this work for you and your family.

And I would absolutely love to give you the specific tools, resources, education and support to help you do it.

That’s why I’ve created and designed this truly comprehensive program, which gives you everything you need to create a sustainable, prosperous business rooted in science-based wellness education.

If doing life-giving work while making a great income is your right next step… You’re in the right place.


Professional training that educates, equips and readies you for a career in women's wellness, on your own terms.


What if your work actually helped you take better care of yourself and experience more energy and vitality, too?


What if you did what you love, what lights you up, and what you're really good at -- without having to sacrifice making your family your top priority?


What if you could make great income while having a hugely positive impact in women’s lives?

"The WGI's training program provided a clear roadmap for how to translate what I love doing more fully into my life and work."

Arlene Figueroa
WGI Graduate, Founder www.ArleneFigeuroa.com

What can you do as a Wellness Educator?

Teach Classes, Courses, Workshops and Programs. Lead retreats. Begin membership communities. 

Speak to groups. Begin a podcast.  Partner with organizations and companies. Write books and articles. 


Educate, mentor and support women to establish their own wellness and self-care practices.

As a wellness educator you can...

  • Start a new business by offering talks, classes, workshops or retreats to your community (both locally and virtually)
  • Enhance an already existing business you own by expanding your offerings into teaching and speaking opportunities
  • Partner with local groups like moms groups, community centers, doctors’ offices, libraries, schools, yoga centers, spas and churches to offer their members classes and workshops
  • Reach a worldwide audience through online courses, webinars, podcasts and videos

WGI's Certification and Training Program opens up incredible new opportunities for you to share, teach, and mentor others.

Sound exciting? It is.

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"The material and program support are great…I particularly like how Lisa places the info into real life situations and always has useful feedback and ideas to guide us."

Trisha Bowen Steffen
WGI Graduate

What’s Included In the Program?

Throughout a full year of training, you'll steadily work your way through 3 tracks of study: 

Core and Advanced Wellness Track

A thoroughly done-for-you, ready-to-teach wellness curriculum with everything you’ll need to start teaching including student materials, educator notes and slides, so you can step into your new role with ease.

Advanced Educator Track

An advanced educator training track that covers the “how to’s” of effective teaching methods, including how to make the most impact in this role.


Business Building Track and Live Mentoring

An actionable business building track to get the business aspect of things moving even before your training is finished – you’ll graduate ready to go full speed ahead with your own wellness educator business.

"Amazing! Far exceeded my expectations. I went from a dream to running a real business, one that has an incredible impact on all of the women I’m lucky enough to work with."

Jennifer Lawrence
WGI Graduate, Founder Mandalas for Mamas

Core and Advanced Wellness Track

45 Teaching Modules The core and advanced wellness modules explore the 6 Pillars of Well-Being: Calm Mind, Nourished Body, Restorative Rest, Joyful Movement, Authentic Connection and Aligned Living.

Comprehensive, Cutting-Edge Studies in Women’s Wellness Combining multiple perspectives of health and wellness including: biochemistry, bio-physiology, hormonal health, limbic calming, integrative mind-body work, neuro-psychology, metabolism and nutrition, energy healing, aromatherapy, and traditional models of healing, as well as lifestyle design emphasizing the body-mood-mind-spirit connection to our whole-person health and well-being.

Science-Based Theory Blended with Practical Applications and Tools Blending a conceptual understanding of our health and well-being with practical tools, skills and strategies to best care for, nourish, nurture, and support our highest level of wellness.

Advanced Educator Track

The advanced educator track is key to helping you establish your own personal authority as an educator.

This material is designed to help you feel confident in your ability to guide others in both a group and one-to-one setting.

In the advanced educator webinars you’ll learn how to: 

  • Expertly Manage Group Dynamics
  • Create Healthy Boundaries as an Educator and Mentor
  • Understand the Critical Elements of Leading a Powerful Class 
  • Design Flexible, Unique Course Offerings 
  • Top Teaching Techniques of the Most-Effective Educators 

Business Building Track

The actionable business track prepares you for the business side of things as you work as a wellness educator in the world.

These business-focused webinars will train you how to start your own wellness educator business and how to:

  • Tap Into Your Unique Gifts and Make this Business Your Own
  • Promote and Fill Your Classes with Ease
  • Generate a Steady Stream of Prospective Students 
  • Develop and Nurture Business Partnerships
  • Essentials to Running a Profitable Business  
  • Price Based on Your True Value 
  • Stay in Integrity as You Grow 

"Lisa's approach is fantastic! You learn so much about your OWN wellness, and then how to help others as you build a business."

Tanya Coraci
WGI Graduate, Founder Lilac Rising

Built in, high-level mentorship and support to keep you thriving and moving forward the whole way.

In the early stages of business-building, it can feel lonely and isolating. Having access to a community and personalized attention to support you through your experience is incredibly valuable.

That’s why mentorship is a cornerstone part of this training program – so you never feel alone and connection is never far away.

11 monthly live group mentoring workshops take you through the training process with direct access to a WGI Master Support Coach to walk you through every step of the way.

You will be fully supported during your training – guaranteed.

Ready-to-use, beautifully formatted, extensive library of material so you can begin making an impact and income immediately.

Your enrollment also gives you access to a complete library of leading-edge, ready-to-use, beautifully formatted class materials that correlate to the 6 pillars of the wellness curriculum.

You can use these materials as your core offerings as well as baseline foundations for speaking engagements, webinars, and retreats.


"This program has been great so far! I’ve been blown away, really. The teacher’s guides are packed full of way more good stuff than I anticipated. I particularly enjoy learning the “why” behind the things."

Tyler Reavis
WGI Graduate

WGI Certification and Training Program

Winter 2021 Session Now Enrolling: Classes begin January 30, 2021

Tuition Cost


Core and Advanced Wellness Track Training (50+ modules) Value $4000

Advanced Educator Track Training Value $2000

Business Building Track Training Value $4000

11 Live Guided Small Group Mentoring Workshops with WGI Mentors Value $4000

Full Library of Teaching Materials (30+ Ready-to-Use Classes) Value $8,000

Certificate Sent Upon Graduation

Small Group Format for Personal Support 

Print Version of WGI Training Manuals sent to all full-pay enrollees

Life changing year of personal growth and professional breakthroughs! 

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Tuition Cost

11 payments of $395

every 30 days for 11 payments

Core and Advanced Wellness Track Training (50+ modules) Value $4000

Advanced Educator Track Training Value $2000

Business Building Track Training Value $4000

11 Live Guided Small Group Mentoring Workshops with WGI Mentors Value $4000

Full Library of Teaching Materials (30+ Ready-to-Use Classes) Value $8,000

Certificate Sent Upon Graduation

Small Group Format for Personal Support 

Life changing year of personal growth and professional breakthroughs! 

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"It hasn’t met my expectations – it’s gone beyond them! I knew it would be good, but I really couldn’t have imagined how amazing the materials would be and the impact they’ve had and will have. Enlightening, encouraging, confidence-boosting, (this program) gives me a vision for my own health and the work I want to do"

Vered Ehsani
WGI Graduate, Founder Maisha Health

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"Eye-opening and inspiring! Lisa’s guidance has given me the confidence to start this business. As the year progresses, I’m amazed at how all of my concerns are answered and my wellness education toolbox is just filled to overflowing with great ideas."

Erika Ellis
WGI Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

This is one of my favorite questions because in the world of health, wellness, and coaching there's a lot of confusion as to what different training programs offer and prepare you to actually do upon graduation.

The short answer to this question is that, typically, health coaching training programs prepare you to work one-on-one with clients to support them on their personal health journeys, while the WGI Wellness Educator training program prepares you to teach and lead classes, courses, workshops, retreats, and talks to groups of women on the breadth of wellness materials covered in the program.

If your vision of wellness work includes supporting women to improve their wellness and self-care practices through teaching, educating, inspiring, and equipping women with both tools and knowledge that empowers them to take better control and care of their lives (and their family's lives) wellness educating may be the right fit for you.


Traditionally, when you become licensed to use material through a training program you are required to retain that brand when you promote any services using those materials. For example, if you got trained as a Zumba instructor and began teaching Zumba classes, you would have to explicitly call your classes Zumba.

This is not the case with the WellGrounded Institute training program. You are licensed to use all the materials as part of this program under your own unique brand, class name, and business title.

The only requirement is that direct use of the materials in full or in part must be properly cited back to this program.

This means you must retain a footer citation (or in-text citation) that credits the teaching material as authored by Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH as part of the WellGrounded Institute Training Program For Women’s Wellness Educators.

This is simply a gold-standard way to properly credit information and material from its source.

As a wellness educator you should be doing this with any material you share or source your information from as part of your course teachings.

For those who enroll in with the FULL pay option, we will send you the full training manual print version to your home at the start of the program.

For those enrolled via the payment plan, all materials are available digitally. They are fully downloadable for you to save and print at your convenience.

In terms of previous education or credentials there are no requirements to enroll in this program. If you have a genuine interest in learning more about women’s wellness and being trained to become a highly effective educator of the WGI wellness material, you qualify to enroll. 

In order to access all the materials you will need access to a computer that can stream videos, play an audio file, download pdf materials, and open a Word document. 

Upon enrollment, you will be sent a Program Agreement. You must sign and return this program agreement (which is done electronically) before you can begin the training.


In order to graduate and receive a certificate of completion of the program (sent hard-copy in the mail to you), you must successfully complete all modules, finish the final project, maintain good standing with the program through appropriate codes of conduct (read: being a respectful community member), and have paid your tuition fee in full.  

The WellGrounded Institute program is a non-refundable investment.

Every training class has a limited number of seats to allow for a small-group learning and mentorship experience and for each participant to feel well-supported with personal attention throughout the program.

When you sign up a seat is reserved for you.

But while this is a non-refundable enrollment, it is not high risk.

The largest concern participants have when signing up is the worry they will not be able to complete the graduation requirements within the 12 month program period.

We understand this completely. Life happens and sometimes we need more time to see through a commitment than we previously thought we’d need.

Here’s how we’ve designed the program to take the time-risk completely out of the picture.

1. This program is designed so that you can consume the material with maximum flexibility.

  • After a module and its materials are released you can access them at any time that works best for you. Some participants keep up with the work weekly, others reserve time once a month to review and engage in the materials in larger chunks. Many will allow their own life schedules to dictate when and how they will continue working through the program materials.
  • Every participant has up to 6 months after the graduation date to complete all the necessary assessments for the program certification.
  • All materials are downloadable so you can save the materials as part of your own lifetime library of resources.

2. If “Life Happens” early on, you can defer to a future training class.

  • If necessary, within the first 3 months after enrollment, you can request to defer your enrollment for a future training class that begins within one year of your original enrollment date.
  • In this way, you can participate in a future training class and receive the ongoing support of that class’ training period if something unforeseen happens within the first 3 months of your original enrollment date that will not allow you to fully participate and benefit from the mentorship support throughout the program year.

If you’re struggling with whether or not to make this commitment, I suggest you take a moment to breathe.


This program is not for everyone and I understand that.

The truth is, you likely already have your answer. But if you’re having a hard time hearing it clearly, here’s a simple exercise that helps me when I need to tap into my own wise, inner place of discernment.

First, quiet your mind, let your breathing become calm, and imagine any anxiety, tension, or urgency you might be feeling to flow out and away from you.

Now in your mind’s eye, imagine saying YES to this program.

After you’ve fully felt the sense of saying YES . . . of already enrolling and securing a seat in the class, notice how that feels.

In your mind: where do your thoughts go? In your body: is there more openness, relief, or peace?

Imagine how your future self will feel a year from now after completing the program and having this work a regular part of your life.

Next, imagine your answer as a NO.

What happens then? How does that feel – both in your mind and in your body?

Imagine how your future self may feel if your answer is NO right now.

Allow yourself to get honestly curious with these two scenarios.

After gathering all the important information our mind needs, our hearts can tell us exactly what we need to do when we slow down and listen.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to have a standout business.

You can have a thriving business that supports you, your family, and your vision for women’s wholeness and wellness in the world.

"If you're being pulled toward helping women, but feel like you need support in doing it, this is the program for you. "

Meliea Black
WGI Graduate, Founder Lunar Aligned

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