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7 videos in 7 days.

Each video is about 2 minutes long.

The tools you'll learn tap into your natural calm response…fast.

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Limbic Calming is the "Reset Button" for Your Brain

Discover how, without overthinking, you can do something that shifts your whole biochemistry out of stress and into the calm response

This video series shares a 2 minute video each day for 7 days demonstrating a new calming tool you can use for yourself and your family. 

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7 limbic calming tools that you can use immediately to help turn on the calm response and recover from emotional extremes.  

What if you could learn to dial down stress immediately?

"I'm happy to share my feedback :) I LOVED my experience with this series!

I looked forward to the videos every day. I appreciated that they were so short, since I have two little kids so not a lot of time. And I appreciated that the tools are so easy to add to my day. I also liked hearing the science related to why they work. 

Thanks again, Lisa. Your work is making a difference!" ~ Stephanie

"I really loved your class. It was an amazing experience.

The techniques really work, now every time I feel panicking or anxiety coming on I use a tool I learned in this class and I start feeling so much better

I'm very thankful to you for this videos." ~ Malwina

"I LOVED it! Being a Mum is so rewarding and yet as you said, you can feel like you completely lose who you
are in the whole process.

Best part about your videos - so manageable, like better than bite-size, they are just nibbles, but every single
one of them an absolute morsel to savor.

These were perfect and I have already been implementing them with amazing results.

Thank you so so so much!!!" ~ Sandra

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7 tools of limbic calming that will shift you into the calm response, immediately.