About the Director


I’m Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH.

I’m the founder and director of WellGrounded Institute - and I'm thrilled you're here.

I'm a big believer in using your talents, your strengths, and your interests to make a positive impact in the world.

I'm also a believer that your challenges and hardships can often point you to where you're best suited to make that positive impact. 

And that's what led me to begin WellGrounded Institute when I was struggling keeping my own well-being intact as a new mother. 

In my personal experience, there was a hard line in the sand between “before kids” and “after kids.”

What you’ll find at WellGrounded Institute is an answer to what I needed most (but couldn’t find) when I was struggling to help myself regain my own inner vitality and well-being. 

My courses, workshops, and trainings are grounded in science and centered around a gentle, grace-filled approach to taking excellent care of yourself.

And they focus on practical tools that not only work but integrate into the lives we lead. 

I couldn’t check out of life in order to get myself well again. I had to find ways to care for myself while I was still caring for my kids, my marriage, my career, my home.

I imagine your life can’t be put on hold, either.  I get that.

When I became a mother, I had already studied over a decade’s worth of biochemistry, nutrition, and health information through years of education. 

But still, I was falling apart at the seams with three young children and a life that was spinning out of control with stress and depression and overwhelm.

I didn’t need more information, I needed tools. I needed community. I needed to be seen. I needed a grace (a lot of it)…and I needed to learn how to navigate life while keeping my own well-being intact.

I believe in getting to the root causes of why we experience so much exhaustion, stress and frazzled thinking, so that we can heal and nourish what is imbalanced and allow true vitality to take hold in our life.

So I took my years of education, my skills as an educator, my knowledge of public health and my personal experience of restoring my well-being and dedicated myself to helping other women do the same. 

"There are people in this world who make a difference just by being present. Lisa is a wonderfully gracious and present woman. "


Fun Facts

☀️ When I was a biochemistry major, I was pre-med and thought for sure I would become a doctor. (I had even taken the MCATs already!) But a close advisor helped me see that I didn’t belong in a white lab coat… my passion was in wellness and my heart was in Public Health. 

☀️ I used to do tons of international travel, volunteer work, and group wellness work in different countries. One summer, I lived in a village in Kenya for three months and I was blown away to see how everything was done in community. We would sit together, shell peas together, sing together, and it felt like everyone was raising the kids together… a stark contrast from what I had seen from my mom, who raised my sister and I by herself. Traveling opened my eyes to the wisdom embedded in traditional cultures.

☀️ While doing my Master’s in Public Health, I fell in love with qualitative research. I had the opportunity to work on a number of national grant projects, including a groundbreaking project studying how homeless populations need stability before they can overcome substance abuse. I loved and still love exploring what creates stability within individuals, families and communities! 

☀️ During this time, I was also trained in trauma response and worked as a qualitative researcher on grants around different trauma response methodologies.

☀️ I wrote an Amazon bestselling book, REPLENISH, which teaches women the 7 core essentials of well-being. {Check it out!}

☀️ I work as a high school chemistry teacher and I love it. No matter what I do, I seem to find myself in the role of teacher and being around young people gives me energy and hope for the future. ;-) 

☀️ WellGrounded Life started as a blog that became a creative outlet for me in early motherhood. And while we’ve grown into a Wellness Educator Institute that trains women worldwide - the heart and mission of our work has never changed. We stand with and for women to know themselves more deeply and prioritize their own well-being without restriction or reservation. 

☀️ Teaching, talking and sharing about wellness is what lights me up. I love speaking at events, podcasts and retreats. Using my rich background in biochemistry and public health, I offer practical, science-backed ways women can prioritize their well-being. Learn more about booking me here. 

LISTEN to Lisa’s Podcast  

The WellGrounded Life Show is an iTunes podcast that explores how modern women can navigate motherhood and pursue their passions while maintaining their well-being and vitality. Season Three takes a deep dive into what it takes to create a culture of vitality in your own life.

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