Could Wellness Educating Be The Right Direction For You?

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How Jennifer went from being a Stay-At-Home mom to Successful Wellness Entrepreneur...


✔️ Went from dreaming about business to successfully starting her own
✔️ Able to create a positive impact on the women she now works with
✔️ Collaborated with leading voices in the woman's wellness world
✔️ Built a lasting network of other passionate women in wellness
"It hasn’t met my expectations – it’s gone beyond them! I knew it would be good, but I really couldn’t have imagined how amazing the materials would be and the impact they’ve had and will have."

"Enlightening, encouraging, confidence-boosting, (this program) gives me a vision for my own health and the work I want to do."
Vered Ehsani

How Samantha went from struggling with her wellbeing to now teaching wellness worldwide...


✔️ Now leading women's wellness retreats globally
✔️ Teaches holistic self-care to teenage girls
✔️ Found alignment in helping others as a servant leader
✔️ Expanded her bodywork therapy practice further

What Can You Do As A Certified Women’s Wellness Educator?

✔️ Do what you love without sacrificing your well-being or your relationships

✔️ Build a sustainable income to create freedom and options for you and your family

✔️ Create a lasting impact in your community that will carry on for generations

✔️ Inspire others to also walk their own path of wellness and passion

✔️ Build a powerful personal brand without sleazy marketing tactics

✔️ Expand an already existing business you own with proven offerings that work

✔️ Reach a worldwide audience through online content with a message that matters

Build a dream career around our 3 'F's:


What if your work actually helped you take better care of yourself and experience more energy and vitality, too?


What if you did what you love, what lights you up, and what you're really good at -- without having to sacrifice making your family your top priority?


What if you could make great income while having a hugely positive impact in women’s lives?


How Amisha went from a burnt out practitioner to THRIVING in both her wellbeing and business... 

✔️ Saved herself from burnout after trying everything else
✔️ Her therapy practice is thriving more than ever 
✔️ Learned how to care for herself and her business as a mother
✔️ Renewed her passion and wellness while impacting more moms
"Eye-opening and inspiring!"

"Lisa’s guidance has given me the confidence to start this business. As the year progresses, I’m amazed at how all of my concerns are answered and my wellness education toolbox is just filled to overflowing with great ideas."

Erika Ellis

What's Included In the Program?

Throughout a full year of training, you'll steadily work your way through 3 tracks of study:

Core and Advanced Wellness Track

A thoroughly done-for-you, ready-to-teach wellness curriculum with everything you’ll need to step into your new role with ease.

Additionally, you'll be trained with Advanced Wellness modules that give you the insight and depth to feel confident supporting others.

Advanced Educator Track

This track covers research-backed  training on teaching methods, group dynamics, and best practices of preeminent educators. 

As an effective educator you will feel confident and skilled in leading courses and workshops that are engaging and interactive. 

Business Building Track and Live Mentoring Workshops

This track helps you get the business aspect of your work established and growing even before you finish training.

You'll also be supremely supported with 10 Monthly Mentoring Sessions with your personal WGI Mentor. 

A Sneak Peak into the Program:

"The material and program support are great…I particularly like how Lisa places the info into real life situations and always has useful feedback and ideas to guide us."

Trisha Bowen-Steffen

How Arlene launched her own successful business for mothers after joining our training...

✔️ Didn't find the help she needed from other health coaching programs
✔️ Built her own business from scratch to help overwhelmed moms
✔️ Learned how to integrate her passion into her work and life
✔️ Learned how to thrive in her business and feminine energy as a mom

This Program Is For You If:

  • You would love to share your passion for wellness with women who need to hear the message and learn the tools that will help them live calmer, healthier, more energized lives.
  • You want to be the trusted expert. The sharer of resources. The inspirer who catalyzes them to take this knowledge and let it infuse every inch of their lives with connection and meaning.
  • You love being on your own self-care journey, as messy and imperfect as it often (okay, usually) is. But you know there’s a little voice that keeps whispering to you, clueing you in from a deep part of yourself, that there’s still something missing.
  • You long to serve in a more profound way. You want to work with women and help them discover their vision of a more fulfilling life.
  • And you also want the freedom and flexibility in your time and schedule to prioritize your family in exactly the ways you want to.

Or maybe…

  • You already are working in the wellness field, and you want to open up new ways to serve your community and increase revenues without investing hundreds of hours creating new material and content.

Sounds like you?


How Meliea started a fast-growing subscription business within 1 year...


✔️ Used her passion in women's wellness to start a subscription box business on her own
✔️ Went from being a stay-at-home mom to working on something she was passionate about
✔️ Built a brand that brings in writing engagements and allowed her to grow her own community
"This program has been great so far! I’ve been blown away, really. The teacher’s guides are packed full of way more good stuff than I anticipated. I particularly enjoy learning the “why” behind the things."
Tyler Reavis

Will this program work for me?

The WellGrounded Program isn't only for existing wellness practitioners or business owners.

In fact:

  • You don’t need any prior business experience
  • You don’t need any certifications or expertise in wellness
  • You don’t need any teaching or coaching experience
  • You don’t need to know how to come up with your own course content
  • You don’t need any marketing or selling experience

How Tanya transformed her own wellbeing WHILE building a thriving online community...


✔️ Found a new exciting path following motherhood
✔️ Now runs an online community helping women who lost their mothers at young ages
✔️ Deepened her own self-care and confidence

Still not sure?

In this transformation call we'll help you:

🗸 Identify any obstacles in your path

🗸 Plan a custom roadmap for your success

🗸 Clarify your next steps to start living a life of freedom and passion