Meet Our Graduates

Cue the fanfare! We couldn't be prouder of the women who've gone through the WGI Training Program and are doing incredible things in the world! 

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Meet Meliea Black

Meliea's Spotlight Interview

Meliea on WGI: 

The training program had two big components that were crucial to me: 

1. a wealth of material that was already researched, organized, and compiled that I regularly return to in my own work as a wellness educator and 

2. training on HOW to use the material in working with women -- which immensely increased my sense of confidence in doing this work on my own. 

The wisdom and encouragement are valuable tools for overcoming imposter syndrome and feeling inadequate. 

If you're looking for something that's going to give you tools you need so you can focus on letting your own creativity flow out of you - this is the program. 

The world is ripe right now for women who want to get back in touch with their truth and with themselves and become a part of a healing movement in the world. 

This program breaks that process down in a way that feels reachable. It's simple. And it's set up like no other. 

If you're feeling pulled toward helping women but feel like you need support in doing it, this is the program for you. 

WGI is where you need to be because this program really gives you those legs so you can move your dream forward.


About Meliea Black:

Meliea Black took her passion for women's wellness and her trainings at WGI to create and grow a subscription box business model that helps women align their personal growth goals with the energy of the phases of the moon. 

In addition to the monthly boxes she sends to her community, she hosts an online private Facebook group where she continues to lead and teach via video and supplemental materials. 

In one year, through focusing on the organic, authentic community building practices she learned through WGI, Meliea grew her business to 50+ monthly paying subscribers, has been sought out to write and contribute to other subscription boxes, is currently publishing a companion journal for her own community, and regularly teaches to a growing audience of women. 

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Meet Tanya Coraci

Tanya's Spotlight Interview

Tanya on WGI...

"I love what I do because it's so rewarding to help women flourish in their lives despite any setbacks or loss. 

As I encounter new aspects in the business-building process, I am so thankful to have continued access to our student portal so I can refer back to Lisa's lessons.

In addition to the content itself, the organized lesson plans and educator materials have been a great resources while working on my own business.

This is not just another certification program.

It's a program that has you sit through each module as a student first and then Lisa pulls back the curtain and shows you how she did it as an instructor.

This approach is fantastic!

You learn so much about your own wellness, and then how to help others as you build a business."

About Tanya

Tanya Coraci enrolled in WellGrounded Institute's Certification Program on her own personal healing journey. Having lost her mother at a young age, Tanya spent many of her adult years learning how to care for herself as she entered into the realms of womanhood and motherhood. 

Throughout her training year, Tanya deepened her own self-care and grew in confidence around her calling in the wellness arena. 

Tanya now leads and serves exactly the type of community she wishes had existed when she was growing up. 

She is the founder and manager of Lilac Rising, an online community where women can connect to others who also lost their mothers at young ages. She mentors, leads, teaches and facilitates guest experts to grow and nurture this vibrant and heart-centered community.


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Meet Amisha Klawonn

Amisha's Spotlight Interview

Amisha on WGI...

"This program game me permission to take care of myself.

It's really life changing.

If you're thinking about becoming a wellness educator, you don't have to be the expert.

You can be someone a little bit further along the path and shine a light for other women!"

About Amisha

Amisha Klawonn came to the WellGrounded Institute while she was working as a physical therapist and yoga instructor. 

Already serving in her current wellness profession, Amisha was dangerously close to burnout and knew she needed to apply the principles and tools she learned through WGI's training program, first to herself, if she was going to be able to continue serving her clients. 

In Amisha's words, "I credit my training at WGI for helping me dig out of the deep hole of exhaustion and back to a vibrant state of well-being." 

After graduation, she took her renewed energy and incorporated wellness educating into her physical therapy work - and her practice has taken off! She's also expanded her offerings beyond just physical therapy and leads group programs and classes in Phoenix, AZ, as well as online courses, too. 

You can find Amisha at her website

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Meet Arlene Figueroa

Arlene's Spotlight Interview

Arlene on WGI...

"The WellGrounded Institute's training program provided a clear roadmap for how to translate what I love doing more fully into my life and work. 

I've always wanted an owners manual for me - the training classes gave me just that.

Lisa's depth of knowledge and ability to teach in a logical systematic way was better than I imagined.

If there's any hint of someone wanting to do this program, I'd tell them, Just Do It! Don't second guess it. The program is brilliant. It's really a complete roadmap!"

About Arlene

Arlene is a 2015 graduate of the WellGrounded Institute's Wellness Educator Training Program, and she combines aspects of wellness educating and parent coaching in her current businesses. 

She launched her business, Brave Intuitive Mothering, to support women and moms who are experiencing high levels of stress and overwhelm. 

Via her online platform,, she offers her signature online wellness course called Roots and Wings as well as personal mentoring. She is also a parent coach at Circle 4 Parents. 

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Meet Samantha Rice

Samantha's Spotlight Interview

Samantha on WGI...

"I truly enjoyed the training from start to finish!

Each unit was packed with interesting, well-researched information and offered in a clear and helpful way.

Being able to follow the training at my own pace at home was perfect for me.

The process of the training has brought me something I hadn't expected from the course- a valuable insight about myself that has completely shifted my perspective in my wellness work with women and empowered me to come forward in new ways.

Working with women in wellness has brought so much joy to my life!"

About Samantha

Samantha Rice is a bodywork therapist specializing in Rebalancing, a Yin Yoga teacher, and a Women's Wellness Educator. 

She blends these three passions into her one-on-one work with clients and in her yoga lessons, as well as in her work with teenage girls around their well-being and self-care. 

Together with her inspiring colleagues, she offers a monthly women's circle and leads Embodied Presence and Yin Yoga retreats at destinations all over the world. 

Her online home is Soulsister Bodywork.  


Visit Samantha's Soulsister Self-Care Challenge

Meet Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer's Spotlight Interview

Jennifer on WGI...

"The WGI program really changed the way I think about what I offer to the world. It set me on a journey of defining my passions and exploring avenues for sharing them with others. 

I loved the connection with the other women in the program. Many of us have stayed in touch, and it's been so amazing to watch their journey's unfold. 

Learning how to share about my work has opened so many doors to collaborations and partnerships

WGI was one of the best choices I ever made and I continue to reap the benefits."

About Jennifer

Jennifer Lawrence blends a background in art therapy with her work in schools and as a Women's Wellness Educator. 

She is passionate about teaching women deeper menstrual awareness as a pathway to self-care through her work at Mandalas for Mamas. 

She has an online classroom that offers paid and free resources like her Cycle Tracking for Self-Care course. 

Jennifer has guest posted on various platforms including Red School and collaborated with leading voices in the women's wellness world... including having her artwork published in April Miller McMurty's New Moon Calendar Journal. 

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