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WellGrounded Institute teaches women’s wellness grounded in science.

We make the science of well-being simple, practical, and accessible to all women through our personal and professional wellness programs. Read more about each below. 

Personal Wellness

For women who are interested in a personal wellness journey, our Replenish Jumpstart program is a phenomenal place to begin. 

Replenish Jumpstart is a 9-week journey to recover from overwhelm, reconnect to your own needs, and experience the vitality and momentum that come from a deep sense of well-being.

You'll learn:


  • The science behind how your body, mind, and energy levels work (and why you’re so exhausted all the time)
  • The “how” of self-care, in the form of practical steps you can take right away to experience more well-being
  • The structure to organize your life in a way that helps you show up and give the best of yourself
  • Ways to connect deeply with yourself and replenish your needs so that you stop pouring from an empty cup 
  • And so much more! 
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Professional Wellness Training

WellGrounded Institute hosts an online Certification and Training Program for Women's Wellness Educators. 

This is an 11-month immersion-style certification and licensing program blending:

  • Cutting-edge education in women’s wellness and transformation self care

  • Advanced educator and group dynamics training

  • Done-for-you course materials to get you established and growing your business rapidly

  • Business building support that focuses on a community-centered, scalable, profitable business model that offers maximum flexibility and freedom in your focus and schedule

  • Small Group Mentoring to support you through training, start up and beyond
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