Replenish Jumpstart

A 9-week journey to recover from overwhelm, reconnect to your own needs, and experience the vitality and momentum that come from a deep sense of well-being.

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 “Am I the only one who’s not keeping it together?”

- The question I hear from busy, stressed-out mamas all the time. 😉

As women, we play so many roles -- wife, mother, nurturer, doer, caregiver, friend -- and it’s easy to get so caught up in the tasks that define those roles that we can’t even enjoy being the person living that life! 

We fool ourselves into thinking that happiness comes at the end of a checked-off to-do list… 

If we could just get a little more done… then we could actually relax and enjoy it all a little more…

...But when you keep putting off your own well-being, you’ll always be pouring from an empty cup. 

And it leaves you feeling...

  • Scattered, depleted, and exhausted, pulled in too many directions, with too many decisions in your head every day 
  • Like you’re running on paper-thin emotions most days and falling into negative spirals far too often 
  • Stuck, stagnant, numb, and not even sure how to take the first step to your own well-being
  • Lonely and wondering if you’re the only one who’s struggling 
  • Like weeks and months are flying by without much thought to what actually makes you feel happy or connected to yourself
  • Just getting through the day and crashing at night 

If you can relate to any of the above, you’re in the right place. 

It’s time to do the work of getting reacquainted with yourself, and discover who you are at this point in life through self-reflection, heart work, and personal growth. 

When you’re feeling connected and cared for,
everything changes.

Here’s what happens:

You stop chasing down a list of things that never get gone…
and start getting to
enjoy and experience your purpose in life. 

Imagine this…

  • You wake up excited for the day with newfound energy and a zest for life
  • You have a calm mind and clearer thinking 
  • You feel well-nourished and full of peace
  • You remain connected to yourself, even in situations that used to trigger you and ruin your day, and have the tools to move yourself back into balance
  • You have a deeper capacity to manage your time and feel like you’re “on top of the water” instead of drowning in it 
  • You’re at home again in your own body, mind, and heart 

This is the life-changing work we’ll do in Replenish Jumpstart.

REPLENISH JUMPSTART is a 9-week program designed to help you reconnect to yourself, replenish your energy, and put well-being at the center of your life.

You are so much more than the roles you play… and so much more than a to-do list.

You’ve already been preached the importance of self-care… but no one has shown you how to incorporate it into your life.

Here’s what I want you to understand: 

Self-care is not a THING, it’s a WAY.

A way of designing your life that gives you natural, sustainable energy.

There are simple, practical, gradual changes that you can incorporate into your life immediately that lead to big results. 

Any time you make a change in your life, your life has to change around you to support that change… or else, it’s just a bubble and it won’t last.

(If you’ve ever done any kind of cleanse, you know exactly what I mean. 😉)

The truth is, your life has to adjust with you as you change. 

Because you can’t put life on hold for long. Your kids will have demands. Your work schedule will get crazy. Your best-laid plans will fall apart. 

But when you know what you can do in the moment to support yourself…

...You can build a life that feels good every single day.

With Replenish Jumpstart, you can stop trying to figure out where to fit “self-care” into your already-packed schedule… and start following an established process that returns more of your time to you.


  • The science behind how your body, mind, and energy levels work (and why you’re so exhausted all the time)
  • The “how” of self-care, in the form of practical steps you can take right away to experience more well-being
  • The structure to organize your life in a way that helps you show up and give the best of yourself
  • Ways to connect deeply with yourself and replenish your needs so that you stop pouring from an empty cup 
  • And so much more! 

Ready to reconnect, replenish, and radiate from within?


Yes - I'm ready!


I’m Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH. 

I’m a women’s wellness educator and author with a background in biochemistry (B.S. from Cal Poly, SLO), trained in trauma response, qualitative research, and public health (MPH from Boston University) and teacher (High School Chemistry). 

I’m also a wife and mom to three kiddos (plus a black lab). 

I’ve been on the journey toward replenishing my inner well for many years, and I draw just as much from my background in science as I do from my own work in personal growth.

What I’ve found along the way is that most women are missing what we call in public health “protective factors” -- the tools, skills, and support systems to help us navigate raising our families, achieving our career goals, and pursuing our own personal growth and happiness. 

What I want you to know is:

We were never meant to do all of this alone.

That’s why 13 years ago, I founded WellGrounded Life, an exceptional online community of women all over the world, and it's been a joy supporting them to live vibrant, fulfilling, and prosperous lives. 

I can say with absolute confidence -- everything is better when you give from a full and overflowing place.

Join us on this journey in Replenish Jumpstart and I know you’ll discover how true this is, too.

I can’t wait to get to know (and grow!) with you!



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Replenish Jumpstart

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“Lisa is so clear and gentle and human. Her wisdom and interest in what she teaches is infectious.”  - Kasie


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5 live, virtual coaching sessions with a WellGrounded Institute certified mentor to allow for small group connection and support.

Mid-Week Tools

Keep the momentum going with mid-week inspiration and mindset work via audio messages that will deepen your learning and support you on your journey.

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Private FB Group

Our private Facebook group is a place to process in a community setting, connect with other women, be inspired, and receive ongoing connection and support from the WellGrounded Life team!

The Vitality Framework

Over the course of the program we will be working through the exact steps of my "self aware - self-care" Vitality Framework which allow you to reconnect, replenish and radiate from within. 

Week 1: Calm Your Chemistry
If you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, and like you can’t get out from under your own shadow… you’re disconnected from your higher functioning on a neurobiological level. So how does this happen? Before we do anything else, we must learn how our systems function under a stress response, and learn how to shift back into a calm response.

Week 2: Source Your Strength
What source of strength are you drawing from? Love? Or fear? Most of us are plugged into the frenetic energy of the outer culture, and it’s dictating how we feel every day. It’s time to learn tools, strategies, practices that plug you back into something bigger than you that you can draw strength from.

Week 3: Work Your Wiring

The thoughts we think, the emotions we feel, the choices we make, how we interact with others and respond to what’s in front of us… it’s all connected to a multitude of processes within us. 

The good news? Our wiring allows us to take full responsibility for what we’re contributing to the life we’re living. Once you understand how everything is connected in your body and mind, you’ll stop feeling lost and rudderless and be able to decide how you want to steer your ship.

Week 4: Open to Receive

Did you know that we all have a comfort zone that defines how good we allow ourselves to feel? Yes! If we want more well-being, more peace, more abundance, more blessings, more growth… we have to widen and deepen the cup within us. Discover how to identify your patterns, stop self-sabotaging, and enjoy longer stretches of goodness flowing through your life. 

Week 5: Nourish Your Needs
As a person living in a human body, you have certain core needs… and the food that goes into your system is the raw material for every process that happens within you. Now, it’s time to learn how to nourish your needs so that you can sustain a high level of well-being!

Week 6: Ride Your Rhythms
Every living thing runs on inner cycles. Inner rhythms dictate our rest, energy and hormonal systems. We live through seasons in nature. All of these systems and more are intertwined and influencing each other… and when we understand them, we can move ourselves back into harmony and have all the energy reserves we need. Discover how to deeply replenish yourself by riding the rhythms!

Week 7: Discover Your DNA
Despite what the world may have shown you, you’re not here to be a computer or a robot… and when you try to become a productivity machine, your spirit won’t allow it! You’re here to step into the flow and offer the best of who you are. It’s time to tap your story and your unique gifts so that you can pour yourself into the world and live a life of meaning and purpose.

Week 8: Center Your Self
Does putting yourself at the center of your own life sound... selfish? (If so, you’re not alone… this concept makes many moms antsy at first!) When our sense of virtue depends on being selfless, we miss out on the opportunity to show up as the best version of ourselves. When you know yourself and how much you can give, then you can shine in your roles… on your own terms.

Week 9: Protect Your Purpose 
Get ready to learn why YOU are the greatest gift you could ever offer! We all have a purpose… and it’s not something you have to “find.” Your purpose is to show up as our best and brightest self in all you do! Now, it’s time to define what that looks like for you, learn how to protect it, and watch it change your entire life!

This program is for:

  • Women who want to feel better in their own skin.
  • Women who are ready to do the personal work it will take to reconnect to themselves.
  • Women who are committed to gaining traction in their well-being.
  • Women who are ready for positive change and want to experience more calm, connection, and clarity in their lives.
  • Women who are ready to stop making burnout-generating decisions and start making vitality-generating decisions.

This program isn't for:

  • Women who are not ready to look honestly within themselves.

  • Women who are hyper-focused on how others need to change before they will change.

  • Women who don’t feel committed and responsible for their own well-being.

  • Women who choose the negative outlook and aren’t willing to stay open to new, positive, unexpected avenues of growth.


P.S. a final note from Lisa

If staying connected to yourself and your own well-being has been a struggle, I completely understand.

I know what it’s like to feel lost, lonely, stuck, and stagnant.

I know what it’s like to go through seasons of spinning my wheels and then collapse into overwhelm and numbness.

I also know what it’s like to dabble in wellness and then see-saw between good times and times where you’re barely keeping your head above water.

I’d always thought of myself as a self-aware person...

...But after marriage and motherhood, the years began to fly by and I wasn’t staying connected to myself. Not in truly meaningful ways.

And as I began to measure my days by “How much can I get done?” ...the chasm kept growing.

If you are a mom, I want to also speak to the woman in you.

(Because I know that on my wellness journey, I needed support that acknowledged me as a woman, not just a mother.)

When you’re feeling good -- when you’re feeling connected and cared for -- everything changes. Everyone you’re caring for does better.

But the world is not designed to keep you feeling good.

The outer culture won’t give you the happiness, wholeness, vitality, and connection you’re longing for. That’s an inside job.

Making well-being a priority in your life is a decision only you can make for yourself.  

I want to help you feel more connected to yourself than you ever have before… and use that inner compass to guide you to exceptional well-being.

Start your journey to well-being today.




What Women Say About Working With Lisa

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed dialoguing with other women including hearing their reflections and experiences. It is not an exaggeration to say this work enabled me to break free from the chains of years of self-neglect. At home for 10 years raising four kids, I did not prioritize care for myself. I think this was for two reasons: I didn’t know HOW to do this. Also, I truly did not realize the positive impact caring for myself would have on every other endeavor in my life. Today I have more to offer as a woman, mother, partner, friend because of this course. Be prepared to be transformed!

- Kristin

I have suffered from chronic stress my entire life. I’ve never been able to experience lasting victory, because I’ve never actually learned how to get rid of the stress response, but instead, I was just stuffing it so that it didn’t spill out… of course that doesn’t last very long! This course has literally been life changing for me. The holistic approach has really blown my mind! I never realized how many contributing factors there were. I also totally underestimated the “physiology” of it. I just thought I was kind of a weak person emotionally. I didn’t understand that I was dealing with basic physiology that was stacking the deck against me. Wow!!! I would HIGHLY recommend learning from you. Seriously life-changing!

- Molly

I love the freedom and flexibility of an online format. I think it works especially well for the audience of this course which are busy, stressed out mamas. The fact that so many others shared their stories made me feel much more normal and not so alone. My husband is very supportive but he just has no idea what I feel like. I know the other moms do! Lisa is so clear and gentle and human. You can’t help but listen to her. Her wisdom and interest in what she teaches is infectious.

- Kasie

There are people in this world who make a difference just by being present. Lisa is a wonderfully gracious and present woman. It gives you a place to discover how to be more yourself and truly hear your voice speak.

- Jesse

We begin January 23, 2021 ~ and have a seat at the table for you!

Reconnect To Yourself, Jumpstart Momentum & Return to Vitality Again.