Our Curriculum

WellGrounded Institute teaches women’s wellness grounded in science.

Our Professional Training Program is based off of the Replenish 365 women's wellness program of study. 

Women's Wellness Track

Smart, Relevant, Science-Driven Learning

Our programs explore women's well-being from physiological, biochemical, metabolic, hormonal, psychological and neurological perspectives. 

The Core Wellness Curriculum is organized through the 6 Pillars of Well-Being methodology.  Each pillar has a full Teacher's Guide with ready-to-use and beautifully formatted materials, slide decks and teachers notes. 

Pillar 1: Calm Mind teaches how to: 

  • tap into your “brain’s back door”- the limbic system – with fast acting calming tools
  • establish a strong start to your day for lasting calm and resiliency
  • restore symptoms of adrenal fatigue and burnout
  • manage overwhelm so you can live with vitality and clarity
  • master mental triggers to make peace with your own thoughts
  • practice the power of presence through the mind-body connection
  • apply principles of heart energy to maintain healthy coherence in the body

Pillar 2: Nourished Body teaches how to: 

  • turn on your calm metabolism so you feel grounded and balanced
  • satisfy your true cravings so you have peace and freedom with food
  • release unnecessary weight so you feel lighter and stronger
  • fuel your body and mind to experience more clarity, energy and uplifted moods
  • build up a strong immune system so you stay healthy and strong
  • heal and nourish your innate detoxification system
  • balance and nourish your hormonal systems to stay restored and whole

Pillar 3: Restorative Rest teaches how to: 

  • design an effective evening routine that promotes restorative sleep leaving you revitalized in the morning
  • support the role of the Pineal Gland in harmonizing your circadian rhythms naturally
  • understand, track and honor your female hormonal cycles including the powerful role of estrogen and progesterone in your physical, emotional and mental well-being
  • identify signs of imbalance from symptoms of PMS and how to alleviate them by healing the root causes of them
  • prepare and make space for a healthy, vibrant transition into menopause

Pillar 4: Joyful Movement teaches how to: 

  • tap into the principles of joyful movement that connect our physical body with pleasure, flow and joy
  • nourish the thyroid gland: our bodies’ hormonal “Energy Generator”
  • connect the crucial role creativity and play to your personal growth
  • identify your true “voice” for healthy flow
  • understand the 5 major systems of hormones and ways to balance, restore and nurture hormonal well-being
  • create clarity and increase productivity by feeding your brain what it needs to run with high efficiency

Pillar 5: Authentic Connection teaches how to: 

  • identify your unique “song” and clarify your true voice in the world
  • keep the channel of spiritual connection open and thriving in your life
  • honor your need for a thriving circle of friendship and sisterhood connections in your life
  • grow in your core need for sensual connection to your body and intimate connection to your spouse or partner
  • effectively navigating difficult seasons with those you love in order to maintain thriving, strong relationships

Pillar 6: Aligned Living teaches how to: 

  • explore your purposes to align your life with your true values and bring in more contentment, fulfillment, and joy
  • tap into your inner priority filters to know how best to invest your time and energy
  • live from your true strengths and bring the best of yourself into every role you play
  • create strong and relevant boundaries in order to honor yourself and protect your energy
  • identify energy leaks and drains and learn tools to recover when you feel drained and exhausted from being spread too thin

Our world-class wellness curriculum is effective, streamlined, and ready-for-you to use as you build and grow your wellness educator business.  

  • Smart, science-driven learning

  • "Head and heart" honored by blending both personal growth skills and self care tools

  • Comprehensive view of well-being self-care

Our wellness educators are prepared to lead virtual programs that teach women tools and strategies to live with more calm, clarity and vitality with the exclusive WGI wellness curriculum experienced by thousands of women -it's powerful and it works.

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