Our Wellness Framework

Our wellness curriculum is based on the belief that self-care is really an act of self-stewardship.

That taking good care of ourselves is taking responsibility for the gift of life we've been given.

We believe spending time doing things you love, using your gifts, and being creative are equally important aspects to your well-being as eating well, getting restorative sleep and maintaining your calm.

The Vitality Framework


The WellGrounded model of well-being answers the question of why so many of us feel stuck, stagnant and spinning our wheels when it comes to experiencing true vitality in our lives…. and gives clear, simple solutions to feeling the momentum and positive growth again in your well-being.

Our programs explore women's well-being from physiological, biochemical, metabolic, hormonal, psychological and neurological perspectives. 

  • Smart, science-driven learning
  • "Head and heart" honored equally
  • Comprehensive view of self-care

We do this practically through virtual programs that teach tools and strategies to live with more calm, clarity and vitality. 

We do this relationally through creating connections and communities that are grace-filled, non-judgmental, and safe for women to come as they are and take supported and significant steps toward renewing her well-being and vitality.

Whether it is through personal well-being programs like Replenish Jumpstart or our Professional Training Program for Wellness Educators -- our exclusive women’s wellness curriculum is powerful and it works.

It's a joy to see this work change the lives of women all across the world.  

UNSTUCK Masterclass

You'll learn

  • The 9 steps of the "Vitality Framework" and help you identify exactly where you are getting stuck and what to do about it. 
  • How to organize your focus, get more accomplished and begin to feel traction again 
  • The three reasons (no one talks about) that get you stuck in overwhelm and exhaustion and how to fix the issues once and for all
  • How to tap into new energy, new clarity and sustainable well-being - even when you feel you have nothing left to give

Ready to elevate your well-being?

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